Thursday, July 05, 2007

Where, oh where, have my posts gone?

Like the yarn harlot, I frequently undergo strong cases of startitis, that sickness that causes you to cast on for more projects than you can handle even if you have a perfectly good one going. Well, I think my cure to startitis has actually become a sickness on it's own.

On or around June 8th, I finally cast on for my Central Park Hoodie. I was cautiously excited - it's a cardigan, which I've never done before, and it involves semi-complicated instructions. Well, complicated because I generally read them while watching "Supernatural." :) But it went well, so well, in fact, that I haven't worked on anything but my CPH since that day (Except for a brief scarf foray during some nasty math issues which I thankfully worked out). This is unusual because I'm an ADD knitter who frequently has 7+ projects going on at a given time (see WIP Bar).

Back to the CPH: I'm knitting the fronts and back as one piece, and I'm literally inches away from finishing. I'm knitting the sleeves at the same time, and once again I'm only inches away from being done. All that's left is to finish those inches, bind off/block/seam, pick up and knit the hood, and pick up and knit the ribbing. So I'd say I'm in the home stretch, which is very exciting considering this is the most complicated project I've done. Of course, now I'm having sleeve cap shaping issues so I really can't continue on those until I get some answers. Darn math, and being short, and sleeve caps that threaten to swallow my entire shoulder.

I've been posting more in the CPH KAL than I have here, so if you want to read about my progress or see lots of pretty pictures from other people, head on over!