Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Airplane Knitting and Suspicion

It's that time of year again - the time when I start planning airplane and vacation projects and setting aside some current projects for when I get back. My Central Park Hoodie is still MIA - I haven't had the time to stop in at my lys and ask someone my sleeve cap question. If I could just finish the sleeves then I'd be so much closer to being done! Oh well, another job to put on my "When I'm Unemployed" list. (Which, for the record, is in two weeks. I'm so excited to be between jobs!)

As for the airplane knitting, I'm planning on starting a lacy scarf, but I have no idea what my vacation knitting will be. Assuming the stars align, I'll be done with my shrug in time to wear it on my trip home *crossing fingers* so I won't have that to work on. I'll have to find something small and portable to bring on the plane....hopefully something I won't need my Denise's for, since the last time I brought them on the airplane they aroused the suspicions of the lady going through my bag.

A reenactment:

She pulled out the case and said (after telling me our conversation was being recorded!), "Can you explain what these are?"

"They're knitting needles. You see," I opened the case and pointed out the various components to her, "it comes with various needle sizes and cords and you can connect different lengths of cord to get different sizes...."

That was when I got The Blank Look. But at least she knew I wasn't a terrorist, so I guess it ended well :)

In other news, I'm a bad blogger. I update my livejournal at least four or five times a week, but this poor thing languishes. I think it's probably because blogs (to me) don't have the same sense of community that a site like livejournal does. And I just took a three week hiatus from knitting *gasp* to write a spec screenplay. Which I did - go me! I'm proud not only because I wrote one, but also because I wrote one within the intense time constraints. So I may not be a phenomenal writer, but I can work under a deadline!