Monday, November 13, 2006

Heart Sachet - Confidence Booster!

Two updates in one day!

I'm halfway done with this project and I'm so excited: Heart Sachet. It's for my grandparents, and I'm alternating a cream wool color with the wool I dyed myself a bit ago (first dying project, ended up with mottled blues and greens and purples).

It's a huge confidence booster, because though I've been knitting for about a year and a half now I'm still just a baby in many ways. Watching this thing come alive (correctly!) is so exciting, not to mention realizing that I can figure out how to pick up stitches and learn a new cast on method. I've been doing the art yarns email tutorials on short row shaping (make different types of triangles, etc) with mixed results. About every third one I try is screwed up for no reason, so I was beginning to doubt my ability to follow a pattern. And not just any pattern - this sachet pattern is a chart! *insert applause* Ok, so it's my first chart and I'm excited.

Although now that I've been staring at this pattern online (and not the black and white copy I printed) I'm beginning to wish I'd used a variagated yarn instead of the two colors. The picture is so pretty!

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annie said...

i LOVE that heart thing. i know already told you, but i must tell you again.

i figured out that looks like litte boxes, but it's really knit regularly and how the yarn knits up it forms what look like squares. it knit flat, you couldn't tell that there was ribbing, but the way the yarn is made it kind of covers it up. it's not really yarn, either. it's like ribbon with eyelash yarn with black thread. or something. i'm going to have to borrow that scarf.