Monday, February 26, 2007

Resisting the urge to spin's striking again. The urge to learn how to spin. What brought forth this sleeping desire? The Yarn Harlot's latest blog entry.

Can you imagine starting with this beautiful stuff:

And creating this beautiful stuff?

I feel it calling to my soul!

The main problem with taking up a new craft? The same problem I always have: Space. Or lack thereof. Maybe when I move I'll be able to buy a drop spindle (the joke here being that they don't take up any room at all) but that's it. And I think I might go roving crazy - it's bad enough that I know how to (barely) needle-felt. This roving is calling to me like mad - it's saying "I know you don't really know what you're doing, but buy me anyway! At least you'll be able to look at me and pet me occasionally! Maybe even rub me against your cheek when no one is looking!"

It's like those old cartoons where the character has the devil and angel version of himself on his shoulders urging him to get the roadrunner, or leave the roadrunner alone. Only I don't have the angel on my shoulder, just the devil, telling me one more craft can't hurt ;)

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annie said...

Oh I love thine soft fluffiness and glorious color? Why must you tempt me so?

On that site I like the Lavender Mix and Bright Chartifuse best. It just looks so...inviting.

Btw....I was looking at Twinkle's Big City Knits at the bookstore today, to see if anything caught my eye for your yarn (I'm still thinking of the Under the Hoodie unless I can find a gorgeous cardigan) and I noticed a book called Spin to Knit by Shannen Okey. Have you seen it? It's all about spinning! And it was fascinating!