Friday, January 12, 2007

The Green Dragon, Rearing it's Ugly Head

Can I be rich yet? I mean c'mon, I graduated college, I'm working in my chosen field...can't we skip the years of toiling away at low-level, and then mid-level, jobs until finally I'm an executive producer? Can we just skip those years so I can afford to buy this?It's a knitters tote bag, made by this brilliant company:Offhand Designs. This is their "Zhivago Weekender" tote bag, and it comes in a billion different colors.

Think of all the knitting you could shove in this bad baby! Not to mention how stylish it would look! The price? Oh, just $220.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I also yearn for this bag, in any of the rich colors. And like you, after years of college (and law school and grad school) I have a job in my field of choice (librarian). I also have the illness that forces me to buy yarn compulsively, just because it's lovely (and/or on sale). I'm glad someone out there understands me!