Thursday, January 25, 2007

How to wash yarn?

One of the things I need to do, besides actually uploading knitting pics and bringing them to work on my thumb drive, is figure out what the heck to do with this yarn. I have a pattern in mind, just a nice and simple v-neck sweater with ribbing at the wrists and bottom, but this yarn is that funky stuff made for machine knitters. Meaning it's been treated with some kind of oily, soapy stuff.

Based on what I've read online, I need to wash and dry this yarn before using it, because if I knit it with the goo still on, my sweater might get distorted once I block it. That's bad. I found this yarn online for about $25, which I couldn't pass up (that, and I love this color! Hard to find, believe it or not). I was so excited at the price I didn't think through the mechanics of washing 1,000yds+ of yarn in the tiny shoebox I call my apartment. I don't have a bathtub, just a standup shower. I don't have a back yard, or a slop sink. I do have a bucket big enough (I think) to hold this yarn plus water, but then I'm faced with a winding dilemma. Do I unwind it from this ball into a large hank, tied off at intervals with string to keep it mostly untangled? I have a feeling that once it dried I'd have a devil of a time re-winding it again.


Any suggestions or personal experience I could put to good use? I installed one of those awesome visitor-counter things, so I know (some) people are reading this. Feel free to add your opinions, I'd love to hear them!


annie said...

i have absolutely NO idea on how to wash that. that's insane! i keep thinking, oh you can just dunk it all into a big bucket of soapy water! but then i realize the tangled mess you'd have when you were done. too bad you can't jerry rig one of those old fashioned tubs with the ringer and connect it to a winder. then you could just put a little at a time into the tub, wring it out, and wind it as you go along.

there are cats fighting in my front yard. nice, eh? :) how do i get one of those people tracker things?

Anonymous said...

How about using a mesh bag and just throwing the yarn in the washer and dryer?
Just a thought